I've started to put my recent photos online at a different site.  I thought it was more effecient to put the photos on a site dedicated to photo albums, with backups.

Otherwise, I'd be caught in the endless cycle of installing/updating gallery software on this site. Such a pain.  And this way, with the images at SmugMug, people can buy copies if they want for some reason.

Yes, we still use KodakGallery for the family pictures and stuff. That's just easier for people to share and still keep private.

But, for showing off Landscape and Travel images, I prefer the setup at bs-images.smugmug.com.  They also allow you to purchase photos if you like.  I know we've created a few calendars for ourselves using the site.  I might put some images onto ceramic coasters also.

So, if you want to take a peek at some of my photos from recent trips/adventures, check it out.

Keep in mind that most of the pictures there are unedited, and a lot need to be edited to fix a defect in the lens. Hopefully I clean them before the new year. 

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