Seems 2014 is the year where we talk about Personal Branding and Online Identity. Being online since basically the beginning (1992, with ftp server access in the 80's), my identity is pretty spread out across the web. 

What does it matter?

It doesn't really matter in the big picture. But, it will likely end up becoming another way to build trust in strangers online. And for those in business, trust is very important.

For normal, everyday people, it will be ignored. For some, paranoia and arguments about privacy will flare up yet again. And nothing will change for most.

For business, and professionals, I'm not sure what the hold up is on making sure your Online Identity is verified and consolidated.  

One day, perhaps not till 2120, some will look back at this post and say "Wow, Brian told us about this stuff way back in 2014."

And I will correct them and say "No, I told you about it in the 90's, around the time of Y2K issues, and I was ignored."